The 2012 Demagogic elections

About every four years a very particular and intriguing event is held somewhere in the United States of America Demagogy, and many signs show that this year’s event will be at least as lame as every other year.

Similarly to how other countries elect representatives to govern them and act in their best interest, we in the United States of America Demagogy elect notorious globalists and demagogues to govern us, and act against our national interest.

You would be thinking that with the economic crisis that touches our country more then any other, with nationalist movements rising more than ever in Europe and every other country, with the disastrous results of half a decade of ethnomasochism and globalism, Americans would start to wake up and demand that their government start working in the national interest.

But apparently Americans are more concerned with gay rights, birth control pills and the legalization of marijuana.

These same Americans don’t seem to notice that they will soon experience a very painful blowback to use Ron Paul’s favorite term, once the Fed stops printing money. The errors of half a decade of ethnomasochistic governing and foreignism won’t be repaired with yet another bailout, and the consequences that Americans are starting to see are only the tip of the iceberg.

It was pretty funny last year to watch the Occupy Wall Street movement, yet another blatant excuse for anti-Americanism promoted by our ethnomasochistic media, because of the wide ignorance of the protesters.

Not only were they proposing even more international socialism to resolve problems created by international socialism, but really if they think our economic situation now is difficult, wait and see how it will be when the Europeans or the Russian take us over.

And no, there won’t be a massive bailout to magically solve our decades of trade-deficit, debt accumulation and other consequences to our anti-American globalist actions.

Even Ron Paul’s policies to cut government spending are widely insufficient at best, on the wrong track at worst.
As much as we need government spending’s limited, that alone won’t solve most of our problems. Germany, China, India, Denmark, France, Sweden Russia and most of the globe all have economies that are a lot more government depended than us (59% of GDP for Denmark, 56% for France) and their economy is in better shape than ours.

In 2008, we had to choose between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, but trust me in 2012 we will have both.

As long as American interests aren’t the top and only priority of the voters, you might as well keep Obama and his current administration because no candidate is projecting much change in our ideology.

And apparently, seeing the possible candidates for the 2012 elections, the public opinion hasn’t evolved one bit despite the economic crisis of 2012.

As for me, once again I will not vote for anyone.

I was considered voting Ron Paul earlier this year but seriously it’s not even worth the effort, and I wouldn’t want to encourage the globalist system with my vote.

As long as we won’t have American elections, based on American interests and not demagogy, voting will be as useless here as in central Africa.

7 responses

  1. I would much rather have a left-wing candidate in the white house for the next four years.

    Sure there is not much difference between a left-wing globalist and a right-wing globalist, but it’s more difficult for the antiamerican media to blame a democrat with proamericanism and patriotism.

    In the public opinion the conservatives are the nationalist proamerican ones, and even though in reality it is far from being the case the media will have a harder time blaming what you call ethnomasochistic problems on nationalism when they are caused by a left-winger.

    If all the nationalists voted left and made it know, maybe it would make the conservatives think a little for 2016.

    1. Nationalism isn’t attribute to any particular political axis.
      Historically, most political parties that promoted solely nationalism were to the left.

      If the nationalists really want a say on the political table, they must diverge from the left/right school of thought.
      Or rather, the left/right school of thought should incorporate nationalism in their views (we can always dream).

      1. Respectfully I disagree. Except for the last part about left/right incorporating nationalist elements.

        The left/right debate is essential in all democracy. There is always one opposing the other which prevent political debates turning into a one way overbidding.

        Sure nationalism should be considered and adopted by both the democrats and the republicans, but as you said it won’t happen. At least for now with the current ideology dominating the liberal debate.

        I think that the future of nationalism lies with the conservatives which are less delusional, they look at the facts and not their fantasy utopia. For the most part.
        They are also more open minded unlike the stereotypical image the media gives them.

        And frankly it’s much more difficult for a journalist to write about the traitor Obama than about the nationalist Bush for example.

  2. The size of the American middle class is what made it such a good country, but more and more it seems politicians and mindless shareholders are not satisfied by gouging just the current earnings if the middle class, but instead have become obsessed with extracting all that is possible from the future earnings of the descendants of the average Joe.

    1. You are a perfect example of the hippies I described in this article.

      “The size of the American middle class is what made it such a good country”

      Proof ? Data ? Sources ?

      1. Yeah ok let me throw together an entire book for the purpose of providing some kind of background to my viewpoint. It will take a few months though, so until then you are more than welcome to labelling me with your own label, made up of your life experiences with anti war sentiment and hallucinogenic abuse.

      2. Still not proving anything aside that you’re an idiot and you can’t spell labeling.
        If you can’t support your statements with any evidence, serious consider to stfu.

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